Wastewater Treatment Plant

Wastewater Treatment Plant

221 East Henry Street

The Wastewater Treatment Plant prior to reconstruction.

CLICK HERE for photos from tour of the Treatment Plant given to East Elementary Students.
The Treatment Plant recently underwent a six million dollar renovation.  In addition to increased plant capacity, the upgrade also address many compliance issues mandated by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.
The Wastewater Treatment Plant currently operates with a staff of five.  This includes the Superintendent, the Lead Plant Operator, two Plant Operators and a Laboratory Technician.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Superintendent

Todd Clark
221 East Henry Street
Jefferson, WI  53549

Sewer Backups

From time to time some City homes may experience a sewer backup.  In most cases the backup is due to problems in the home sewer lateral.  (usually tree roots).

The home sewer lateral is defined as: the pipe that runs from just inside the basement of a home to the point where the pipe connects to the City Sewer Main (usually in the center of the street.)  It is the homeowners’ responsibility to maintain the sewer lateral.


What to do if you experience a backup


1.    Don’t Panic
2.    If you think the backup is due to a City blockage, call us. If during regular business hours call   the Treatment Plant at 674-7705, after hours call the Police Department at 674-7707.  Tell them that you have a sewer backup.  They will page the staff member on call.
3.    If the problem is not in the City Sewer Main you will then need to call a plumber.


What if the backup is from the City Sewer Main?

In some instances the home sewer lateral is not the cause of the backup.  The City cleans all City Sewer Mains on a scheduled basis.  Unfortunately, occasionally a city sewer pipe will backup into a resident’s basement.


 How can you protect yourself from this kind of backup?

1.   Obtain coverage for sewer backups through your homeowners insurance.
2.   Install a backflow preventer on your home sewer lateral.  (Consult with a plumber for more details.)

If you have any further questions regarding sewer backups please contact Todd Clark at 674-7705.