Scholarship Program


Don't Let Finances Limit Your Family's Opportunities!

The City of Jefferson Recreation Department has scholarship funds available for family's with financial difficulties.

The Jefferson Parks, Recreation and Forestry Commission believes everyone should have the opportunity to participate and enjoy recreational experiences.   To take advantage of the scholarship funds, all you need to do is fill out the application (see link below) and provide the department with the requested information.   Applications will be kept confidential, however your application will be reviewed by the Park and Recreation Commission for eligibility.

Below is a listing of the scholarship guidelines:

  • All applicants must be residents of the Jefferson School District

  • No age restrictions apply

  • This form must be updated every six months.

  • A copy of the current year’s income tax return and/or current waiver or reduction by the School District for school lunches must accompany this application.

    Some activities are exempted from the reduction in fees, i.e. adult league fees, trips and camps co-sponsored with other groups and programs where a direct cost is involved.

  • Payment of 50% of the fee is necessary at the time of application for the scholarship.

  • If a program is canceled, you will be refunded only the portion of the fee paid.

Contact us for an application 920-674-7720