The City of Jefferson is proud to be designated a Tree City USA – a program sponsored by the National Arbor Day Foundation.


Tree Pruning
Our department on a four-year cycle will prune the trees that have been planted in the City right-of-way.  It is our goal to encourage healthy, strong trees.


Tree Planting
If you are interested in obtaining a street tree in the City right-of-way, please contact the office to be placed on the list.  There is no cost to the property owner for this program.


Tribute Tree Program
Anyone may purchase a tree as a means of gifting or paying tribute to individuals, groups, or occasions such as births, anniversaries, retirements, graduations, weddings, memorials, or holidays.  The Forestry Department will handle the purchase, delivery, and planting, as well as the purchase and installation of a plaque with your message.  A tree will: clean pollutants from the air, purify ground water, stabilize soil, add value to real estate, provide refuge for wildlife, and provide barriers to wind and noise.  For more information, contact our office at 674-7720.


Click Here to View the Tribute Tree Brochure


Tree/Stump Removal
Any tree on the right-of-way, which has been deemed hazardous, will be removed and the stump ground by the department.  If a tree has been removed, and the site is favorable for a new tree, the site will be placed on the planting list.


For a link to the National Arbor Day Foundation click here.