Fire Department

Fire Department

Jefferson Fire Department

351 East Racine Street


Emergency Number - 911
Non-Emergency Number - 920-674-7723 (Office)
920-674-7724  (Fax)
Office Hours:  Monday 9:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m.

Tuesday - Thursday 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

The Fire Department operates with 45 volunteers.

We are always looking for new members and are accepting applications at any time.
The fire equipment includes four pumpers, two tankers, a new platform aerial ladder with pumper and van.

The Fire Underwriters rating in the City of Jefferson is four.


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Johnson Creek Fire Department

Carbon Monoxide

Wisconsin's Carbon Monoxide Law Summary

  Carbon Monoxide Safety
Safety Guide #1
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  Home Fire Safety Tips
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The Following Individuals Currently Serve on our Volunteer Fire Department.  Make Sure to Thank Them for all of Their Hard Work!

Officers Drivers/ Operators Members Members Cont.
Ron Wegner - Fire Chief
Timothy L. Dorn - 1st Assistant Chief
Shaun M. Bauer - 2nd Assistant Chief
Jerry Wendt - 3rd Assistant Chief
William Niebler - Captain
Jason Haas - Captain
Dave Ritter - Captain
Aaron Rechlin - Captain
Bruce Whitmore
Mark Rieck
Dave Bente
Mitch Schuenke
Matt Heine
DuWayne Raduege
John Gotto
Matt Hay
Steven Adams
Charles Baker
Shaun Bauer
Chris Bente
Dave Bente
Jeremy DeBlare
Esequiel De la Portilla
Timothy Dorn
Garrett Ebert
Trent Gericke
John Gotto
Dan Haas
Jason Haas
Lauren Hay
Matt Hay
Curt Hebbe
Matt Heine
Andy Heyer
Jake Huebel
Kip Kopelke
Craig McDermott
LaVern Meng
William Niebler
Nash Niesen
Beth Powell
L. John Powell
DuWayne Raduege
Brady Ramseier
Tom Ramseier
Aaron Rechlin
Mark Rieck
Dave Ritter
Ryan Schroedl
Mitch Schuenke
Mindy Stelse
Dave Thomsen
Andrew Voight
Carol Wedl
Bryce Wegner
Ron Wegner
Jerry Wendt
Bruce Whitmore