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The City of Jefferson has two public access channels on Charter Cable.  They broadcast a continuous slideshow of local information.

Channel 988 carries announcements from the School District of Jefferson.  Channel 987 carries announcements for City of Jefferson and various public information.

For more information about how to submit announcements for the Channel 987 slideshow, contact Dave Grooman at

For information about School District Channel 988, contact the District office at 675-1010.

DVDs Available

For a DVD copy of any local programs you see on the channel,
call City Hall at 674-7700 or e-mail
DVDs are available for $15/each

Our Mission Statement:

"These channels, a public resource of the citizens of the greater Jefferson area, will carry slideshows of information for the local government, the School District of Jefferson, and area non-profit 501c(3) organizations, as administered by the City of Jefferson's Cable Television Local Access Commission."