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2017 Taxes

Tax bills should arrive in your mailbox  the week of December 11th.  Copies of current tax bills may be accessed on the Property Information page of this website.

2017 Tax Breakdown by Taxing Entity


Tax payments may be made three different ways:  In Person, By Mail and Electronically.

In Person

You may pay your Real Estate Taxes in person at Jefferson City Hall, 317 South Main Street, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  (Please note that the second installment goes to Jefferson County, 311 S. Center Ave, Jefferson, WI 53549)

**To have your tax bill recorded in 2017, please visit us in person prior to January 1st OR drop your payment in the silver (utility) box outside our Dodge Street entrance prior to (January) 1st, mail with a postmark date of December 31, make a payment on-line on the 31st of December (or prior).

By Mail

All tax payments can be made by mail.
zTo receive a receipt of your taxes via mail, you MUST enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope. NO EXCEPTIONS!
zReceipts may also be obtained by stopping into City Hall.
zYour envelope MUST be postmarked in December 2017 to have your payment credited to 2017.  We do not accept the date on your check


Once again, the City will have electronic collection of tax bills.  This will allow you to use your credit or debit card for the payment of your taxes.  However, this service will charge you a 3% "convenience charge" on the amount being paid.  The convenience charge is collected by Official Payments and is NOT collected by the City of Jefferson.  The City of Jefferson WILL NOT receive any portion of the 3% convenience fee.

Below are detailed instructions on how to make a tax payment thru the Official Payments website.  This process may be utilized for PAYMENTS PRIOR TO JANUARY 31, 2016 ONLY...DO NOT make a real estate payment on this site after that date, it will NOT be credited towards your tax bill.

1.  Access this website  The following screen will appear.


2.  The following screen will appear


3.  The following screen will appear.


SELECT "Wisconsin" from the first drop down menu, SELECT "City of Jefferson" from the second drop down menu and then in the third drop down menu SELECT "Taxes".  When finished SELECT "Continue".
4.  The following screen will then appear.


Type in the amount you wish to pay (a $1,000 payment is used as an example-below) and SELECT "Continue".
This may be any amount, but please know that the first installment (of real estate taxes) must be paid in full by January 31, 2016 to avoid your tax bill becoming delinquent.
After the 31st of January, DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE.
5.  The following screen will then appear.


If you agree with the Terms and Conditions and the Convenience fee, SELECT "Accept".
6.  The following screen will then appear.


When this screen pops up you will need to do a good deal of entry.  Anything with a RED asterisk will need to be filled in to ensure proper application of your payment.  You will also need to know your tax "Bill Number".  The bill number can be found in the upper right hand of your bill or on any of the three stubs on the lower portion of your bill.  Please see example below.

When finished with this screen SELECT "Continue".



7.  Confirm Details - All of the information you have just entered will be represented for a final confirmation before the payment is submitted. When you SELECT "Submit" Official Payments will authorize the payment with your card-issuer in real time. This process will only take a few seconds.

8. Digital Receipt - Official Payments will issue a unique confirmation number for your payment as part of a digital receipt, which can be kept for recordkeeping purposes. A printer-friendly version is available and only the final digits of your card or account information is redisplayed.
9.  City Staff will be notified of your payment the following day.  The City Office will then post your payment to your bill.  Receipts for these payments will be sent as time allows.  If you wish to follow up with a phone call to our office, please allow staff until noon to process your payment(s).  At year end and on January 31st, there may be some delay in posting receipts due to the volume received.  If your payment is posted on the Official Payments Website by the 31st of December or January, your payment will be considered timely.
(For more information on the payment process or on Official Payment's policies, please go to and click on the HELP menu.  They have Frequently Asked Questions there, as well as, an overview of the process.)