City Hall

City Hall

City Hall is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m


Jefferson City Hall

317 South Main Street

920-674-7700. -- Monday through Friday

(Open record inspection may take place during these hours.)


Taxes & Assessments              Dog & Cat License      


Licenses and permits         Liquor Licenses


The City Clerk/Treasurer's Office is the center of all city

operations.  There are currently four people in this department to

serve the citizens of Jefferson.  The City Hall Office serves as the

processing center for information submitted by the other

departments.  Our office's primary task is to maintain City records

and act as an information and payment processing center.



City payroll and benefit administration takes place in our office, as

well as, accounting and accounts payable and receivable



In addition to these tasks, this office takes on the responsibility of

Election Administration.  Even though elections are only held a

few times a year, they are one of our most important functions.

The City Hall Office handles all of the licensing for the City.

Among the types of licenses we issue are:  operator's licenses,

alcoholic beverage licenses, cigarette licenses, junk licenses,

transient merchant licenses, and amusement licenses (Just to

name a few!).