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Jefferson will hold Trick or Treat on Saturday October 29th, 2016 from 4:00pm to 7:00pm.

The following are some safety tips for a safe Halloween.

     Trick or Treat with a responsible adult or teen.
     Trick or Treat in your own neighborhood, on well-lighted streets.
     Trick or Treat safely by never entering a stranger's house even if invited and never take a ride from a stranger.
     Trick or Treat using sidewalks when possible.  Walk never run across yards and look both ways before crossing streets.


     Keep costumes simple.
     Costumes should be flame retardant (fire proof).
     Use reflector patches or stripes.  Costumes made of light-colored material are more easily seen at night.
     Use non-toxic make-up instead of masks for better visibility.
     Wear comfortable shoes.  Avoid big floppy shoes.
     Carry-along props should be made of styrofoam or cardboard with no sharp points.
     Hats, wigs, or beards should be secure and out of eyes.


     Trick-or-Treat bags should have handles to keep arms free.
     Bags should be easy to carry and should not drag on the ground.
     Never eat treats from Trick-or-Treating until they are examined by a parent.
     Check wrappers of pre-packaged treats for signs of tampering and throw away anything unwrapped.
     If harmful items are found, notify your local law enforcement department.

The Jefferson Police Department would like to see the children of our community have a safe and fun filled Halloween.